Introduction of the Osaka dialect panels in the order of the Japanese syllabary Introduction

Osaka used to be very influential not only in the Kinki region, but also in the Shikoku and Chugoku regions, because the city was a commercial city. This led people of the city to regard their dialect as valuable as the dialect of Kyoto, which was the capital city. They loved their dialect, and were very proud of it.
The interesting features of performing arts that developed in Osaka are strongly related to the features of the Osaka dialect.
Languages will change as they evolve. The Osaka dialect has become much closer to the standard Japanese compared with its former form. However, a large part of it has never changed.
Here, as we introduce to you some Osaka dialect that we would like to remain forever and would like you to know, in the order of the Japanese syllabary, we would like you to view our collection of precious materials about the performing arts.