The 1970s_EN

What was the fashion of this era?

With the entry of the 1970s, ready-to-wear clothes called pret-a-porter took the place of custom clothes as the mainstream fashion. On the other hand, the hippie culture, which opposed the Vietnam war, was born from the back-to-nature movement triggered by the oil shock of 1973. Long hair, jeans and flared skirts became trendy. In the overseas music scene, rock stars with heavy make-up and elaborate hair styles, such as David Bowie and Queen, were born, giving rise to a more colorful fashion.


What did Japanese entertainers of this era wear??

“Chaos” represented the stage clothes of this era. There were Manzai-shi (Japanese stand-up comedians) who wore double-breasted suits and some who wore suits with bow ties, like foreign entertainers.Others chose casual wear such as sweatshirts for their stage costume. Rakugo storytellers appeared in sporty clothes on TV. Yoshimoto Shin Kigeki – Yoshimoto New Comedy in its second golden period instilled in people an image of ordinary citizens with its stage clothes.