The 1980s_EN

What was the fashion of this era?

In the early 1980s, from traditional style to Boat House and JUN sweatshirts popular in Japan. The Takenoko-zoku (bamboo shoot kids), sprang up in Harajuku and many characteristic DC Brands (designer and characters brands) became increasingly popular. After the economic bubble started in 1986, the one length haircut and tight-fitting clothes became fashionable from the influence of trendy television dramas casted by Double Asano.


What did Japanese entertainers of this era wear??

The early 80s also marked the occurrence of the “Manzai Boom”, which was commemorable for the entertainment world. Costumes of the Manzai-shi became flamboyant, reflecting the personalities of comic duos. Of course, suits were dominant, but B&B’s sweatshirts, overalls of SHIMADA Shinsuke & MATSUMOTO Ryusuke, Haute couture of IMA Ikuyo & Kuruyo, and hats of WAKAI Kozue & Midori were outstanding. You can see such unique design costumes here. Feel momentum of the comedy in this age through the costumes.