The 2010s_EN

What was the fashion of this era?

SNS represented by Instagram has become more influential than fashion magazines. There is a shift in fashion preferences from group to individual. People choose clothes based not on the trend but on what they want to wear. In 2014, a fashion trend appeared called normcore, characterized by simple, basic clothing. A super unique fashion that included costume play also became popular. Barriers of gender were lifted, which boosted gender-free fashion.


What did Japanese entertainers of this era wear??

The Kamigata Manzai Association was founded and suits became dominant again as stage clothes of young Manzai-shi. By making slight improvisations, such as using a variation of fabric and designs, they are able to impress character and visual impact (like costume play). M-1 winner Ginshari’s bright blue suits and the costume of INAGAKI Saki, who dressed up as an animation character, are exhibited here.