The 1920s_EN

What was the fashion of this era?

The Taisho Democracy in the 1920s, which was from the mid Taisho era until the early Showa period, triggered an increase in power of commoners.

During the first half of the era, western clothes were still limited to the upper-class, such as bureaucrats and nobility. When the Great Kanto earthquake, many people who wore Japanese clothes were not able to escape on time.   This advanced the spread of western clothes and the fashion called “Moga-Mobo” (Modern girl and Modern boy) became popular among the trend-conscious youth.


What did Japanese entertainers of this era wear?

Although foreign cultures were gradually assimilated into Japan, the dominant comedy in the entertainment world was “Rakugo”. It was normal that the costume worn was a kimono and hakama (men’s skirt) that bore the family crest. It took a little more time for western clothes to be used on stage.

A Haori (coat) that was worn by the first KATSURA Harudanji, a very popular Rakugo performer both on-stage and off, is exhibited here.