About the poster

When performances are given at storytellers’ theaters, playhouses, etc., advertising and announcements are necessary.
If people don’t know what’s performing now and in the future, people don’t become customers.
Posters are the best way to advertise or announce. Posters contain condensed, organized information and are elaborately and originally designed to effectively convey the needed information.
In this area, old and new posters housed by the Museum of Kamigata Comedy and Performing Arts in fields indispensable to Kamigata entertainment, such as manzai (comic dialogue), rakugo (comic storytelling), rōkyoku (narrative singing), kōdan (oral storytelling), performances, and comedy, are displayed.
We hope that through these posters, you can get a sense of the times, the atmosphere of storytellers’ theaters, and the energy of performers who worked hard to keep improving themselves.