The 1990s_EN

What was the fashion of this era?

Following the bubble-burst in 1991, gorgeous fashion converged and the casual style in Shibuya district called Shibukaji became popular. Street fashion emerged and Ura-harajuku – Harajuku Back Street – became a source of trend. Casual logo T-shirts and checkered shirts became fashionable. A”Gal” culture called “Kogal” was born in Shibuya. AMURO Namie became their charismatic gal, and platform shoes, mini-skirts and brown hair became popular.


What did Japanese entertainers of this era wear??

While stage costumes became casual, many comedians thought that they should wear their best clothes on the stage. However, there were many young entertainers who performed in small theaters, including the ones in Shinsaibashisuji 2-chome, who wore improved casual wears for their stage costume, perhaps because of economic reasons. Please enjoy looking at the comedians wearing embarrassing stage costumes of the day.